Organizational Effectiveness

The 6X Project is a scientifically –proven process for breaking through personal and team logjams. We help highly intelligent, highly creative people who question everything get out of their own way.

Executive Coaching for Organizational Effectiveness through the 6X Project succeed through the strategic interaction of these 6 pivotal elements:

The 6X training encourages shared consciousness, authentic collaboration and the unification of organizational goals.  

Conviction is the intersection of passion and perseverance.  It is more than saying “I believe” — it is declaring “I trust” — it is having heart. The 6X courses guide teams and executives on this pat

Reinvention:  At the core of this word is the compelling idea that human beings can change. That we have the power to shift, take action, and create futures based on our own unique designs. Executive coaching through The 6X Project works to identify and disrupt areas that threaten to become static, replacing them with a cultural DNA based on the cadence of change.

Chaos can be…well, chaotic at times. Executive coaching through The 6X Project provides a well-honed toolkit to smartly navigate these turbulent times.

Accepting the state of continuous change is one of the daunting challenges facing today’s leaders and teams. The 6X Project, with its focus on executive coaching and engagement, teaches agility, creativity and balance during these inevitable times of uncertainty.

Failure is not the other side of success.  Failure is often a pivotal step on the path to success. Accepting and even embracing the mistakes and missteps that are inevitably made along the way is one of the tangible benefit gained by businesses through executive coaching.


6X Organizational Effectiveness – we help organizations deliver success by taking them though this work, contact me to find out how we might impact your teams hidden potential. Contact me