Meet Kate

Kate Blake has been creating powerful, unprecedented breakthroughs for executives, leaders, and teams for over two decades. Her 6X Project dramatically improves employee engagement giving clients a tangible competitive advantage while driving creativity, dedication and profits.

Studies show that employee engagement creates a 6x difference in performance. Kate helps leaders create the structures, relationships, and culture that supports maximal engagement. This allows them to attract and retain great talent, drive efficiency and innovation and solidify customer loyalty.

A Certified PMP, with a BA in Psychology, and a MA in International Management, Kate has traveled and worked across 4 continents and 32 countries. 

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Kate has been an avid runner and yogi for years. She discovered her passion for people and talent for “out of the box” thinking while negotiating with the catholic school nuns as a 5th grader and has been crafting it ever since.