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The heart of your personal and organizational success comes down to one question. To what degree do your peers, boss and organization make it easy for you to be successful at your job?

There are huge business implications when this goes unanswered: speed of implementation, reduced creativity and innovation, ability to make and keep promises and retention of top talent.

The 6X Project curriculum, breaks through the personal and professional logjams of employees across the organization, gaining access its core concerns and resolving its issues.

The 6X Project is led by leading executive coach, Kate Blake.
Kate draws upon insights gained and lessons learned during her 11 year (and counting) career of creating lasting change across organizations; identifying and disrupting areas that threaten to become static, replacing them with a culture that is effective and thriving.

She has created unique, industry leading techniques based on the compelling idea that human beings can change. That we have the power to shift, take action, and create futures based on our own unique designs.

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“Kate’s executive coaching is transformative and is one of the key reasons we will continue to be one of the best places to work in the Bay Area”

Jonathan Lowenhar – President/COO @ Taulia

The work

The curse of the creative mind.

You create magic in your sleep. You write and design in a single bound. You’ve never met a challenge you couldn’t solve.

But along with that discerning mind and quick wit comes a certain skepticism. A healthy skepticism.  And most of the time it serves you well.  Until it’s turned to you.

And yeah, we know… you don’t’ have time for this crap.  You’ve got Deadlines. Obligations. Bosses. Ambitions. Family. Friends. Even Foes.

But… perhaps we can help you with that.

Perhaps we can ask a few questions to help you shift your focus, discover what makes you tick, unlock new ideas and break down doors that have been closed for a long time.

The 6X Project is a scientifically –proven process for breaking through personal and team logjams.  We help highly intelligent, highly creative people who question everything get out of their own way.

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“Kate has been instrumental in accelerating my professional development. Powerful. Smart. Effective. Massive Impact.”

Alon Wertheimer – Senior Marketing Manager @ Zoosk

Remote Teams

There are three unstoppable trends

Three trends that seem to be contradicting each other and are pulling managers apart at the seams.

1. Ever higher demand for productivity and return on human capital

2. Ever more competition to find and retain top talent

3. Ever higher demand for flexible work conditions from top talent

These three conditions come together like a perfect storm to produce a seemingly unsolvable puzzle for the modern manager.   The real problem, however, is the widely held, false belief that flexible work conditions (leading to remote or distributed team structures) automatically perform poorly or require more management oversight when compared to their local counterparts.

There is a huge untapped potential in remote and distributed teams, because A and B+ players are more committed, accountable, creative, dedicated, and reliable when they believe they have ownership and autonomy.

In addition, there is still a huge gap in the cost of top talent in high demand employment markets like Silicon Valley, New York, and London compared to lower demand markets like Iowa (my home State!) South Carolina, and Manchester.

The problem, of course, is that without the proper management structure, remote teams devolve more quickly into confusion and lack of trust and so the realized benefits of remote and distributed teams are often much less than the economics of a competently run local team.

This is why so many organizations are simply afraid to invest in distributed or remote teams, and therefore don’t invest in learning how to do it well.

Fortunately – that’s not everyone.

“45 minutes with Kate is like a 3-day strategic offsite and 3 years of therapy all rolled into one.”

Bryan Franklin, Leading Executive Coach


What would 6x performance look like on your team?

We believe that an injection of trust, conviction and reinvention can transform the way your team deals with chaos, flux, and failure. If you’d like to learn how, we’d love to chat.

In 45 minutes, we’ll discover together your highest leverage performance-enhancing decisions, and I’ll walk you through exactly what is possible for teams who participate in the 6x project.

My promise:  You’ll walk away with fresh thinking about your team and your leadership

My request:  Come to me with the problems that matter to you most – so our solutions will have the biggest impact in your organization and on your future.

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“Kate Blake is more innovator than coach. She has a gift for telling it like it is — and what it could be someday.”

Michael Desmond – CEO